Most personal trainers and health professionals will always ask you the question, “How much water do you consume?” As if water is a magic substance that is suddenly going to make you feel better and your body function at optimal levels, fun fact IT IS!

The human body is made up of 70% of water and being hydrated does some pretty spectacular things within. Not only are the joints and cartilage within our body made up of 80% water, it also delivers oxygen throughout the body, regulates body temperature, maintains blood pressure, aids in proper digestion, the list never ends!

On average it’s suggested that an adult drinks half of their body weight in ounces which can be a hard task for most — check out these simple tips below to up your water intake leaving you feeling refreshed, hydrated and more mentally focused!

1.     Start right when you wake up in the morning!

Once your feet hit the floor it’s time for glass number one! This glass of cold water will not only wake you up but studies show that a glass of cold water in the morning will boost your metabolism, in turn helping you burn more fat.

2.     Aim for 8 oz every hour! 

Aim to crush 8 oz of water at the top of each hour. Starting with your cold glass when you wake up to boost your metabolism and then keeping up the habit all day. If you wake up at 6AM, by late afternoon you’ll already have the national average of 64 fl oz swimming through your body! You’re on your way!

3.     Get an awesome reusable water jug!

We recommend HydroJug! We know it’s hard to get those bottles down, we’re human too! Which is why we recommend a big reusable water jug such as HydroJug (also, helps save the planet with less plastic being used and wasted). Feel free to order through our link here!

4.     Flavor your water!

Some people don’t enjoy the taste of water for it can get kind of bland. We suggest adding lemon to your water for it aids with digestion, it’s great for the skin and it freshens the breath! Wins all around!

5.     Set a reminder!

We’re all a little forgetful at times and that’s okay! That’s why we have timers and reminders on our phones. Ask Siri to remind you every hour to drink water and it’ll be at the top of your mind throughout the day. You’re going to do great & feel great too!

The bottom line.

Getting in an adequate amount of water is essential for health and we know it can be a bit challenging. By diligently following these five steps above, you’ll be on your way to a healthier happier lifestyle in no time!

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