Jordan Deane

Jordan is a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in enthusiastically instructing high-energy group classes for all levels. Jordan is a life-long athlete with 15+ years of experience in wrestling along with multiple marathons and half marathons under his belt. Not only is he a personal trainer, Jordan is also a Certified Spin Instructor and Qualified TRX Instructor. He takes pleasure in the challenge of working with clients who have struggled to stay on track and has fallen in love with being able to help them achieve life-long goals. Jordan launched the brand CUTLOOSE® in 2017 which empowers those to rid the fear that comes with the pursuit of one’s goals and aspirations. Jordan believes that nothing can hold you back, if you want it, CUTLOOSE® and go get it!


Emily Rodenbaugh

Emily Rodenbaugh is a fitness enthusiast with 8+ years of experience in Personal Training, along with certifications in Group Exercise, Strength and Conditioning and Sport Nutrition. She began her journey after losing 75 pounds naturally and in doing so, found her passion in helping others who aspire for a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s group exercise, personal training or nutrition coaching – Emily’s goal is to help you develop into a healthier, happier you. She trains with a focus on “unconventional” functional fitness for better flexibility, strength, endurance and agility. As a coach she is a motivator, positive voice and a guide as you work hard to reach and achieve your goals. Emily believes that together anything is possible with hard work, consistency and dedication.