What’s Holding You Back?

CUTLOOSE® is about having the “I can do anything” mentality. Nothing can hold you back. It’s believing in yourself to chase after your passions. It’s running a marathon with no training for a cancer survivor. It’s overcoming mental, physical and emotional limitations. CUTLOOSE® is a lifestyle, where you are empowered.


CUTLOOSE® apparel launched in 2017 featuring limited styles with custom designs. Once trademarked in 2019 CUTLOOSE® apparel evolved from basics to a lifestyle brand featuring not only athletic wear, but business and casual wear also. All printing and design of CUTLOOSE® apparel is carefully done by hand and in-home by the Owners of the CUTLOOSE® brand.



CUTLOOSE STUDIO™ launched in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, to give clientele of all ages and fitness levels the accessibility of working out with Certified Personal Trainers while joining a supportive fitness community. CUTLOOSE STUDIO™ offers an array of highly-effective, results-driven group classes. Our 1-on-1 services include personal and virtual training along with nutrition coaching tailored toward your personal health and wellness goals.

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