As personal trainers and health coaches, we could write a book of all of the excuses that we’ve heard over the years from your common lack of motivation to the chronic complainer to the brutally honest of “I just don’t care anymore”. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 excuses we hear most frequently and the solution for them all!

#1. “I’m too tired” – Man if we had a quarter for every time we heard this one, we’d be millionaires! In today’s day in age, “tired” has become a way that we describe ourselves but let’s evaluate why! Are you getting to bed at a reasonable time and sleeping soundly through the night? Are you wasting time throughout the day and applying more unneeded stress upon yourself? Exercising will actually GIVE you energy (crazy right?) When you exercise, your body releases chemicals that give you energy, make you happy and also allow you to sleep better – it’s a triple whammy! Feeling sluggish? Commit to a 10 minutes of exercise and we can guarantee you will feel better!

#2. “I don’t have time” – Contrary to common belief working out and getting healthy does not need to take up your entire life. In fact, you are able to live a more fulfilling life when you make your health and wellness a priority, in small increments daily. You don’t need to be spending countless hours on the treadmill or pumping iron. The misconception that you need to be working out for an hour a day at a high level can be very daunting to most. We suggest starting small and finding a hobby. Start with 15-20 minutes daily and build your routine from there!

#3 “I don’t like working out” – Again, fitness does not have to be running or lifting weights but you need to find what works for you. Enjoy being outdoors? Go for a walk on your lunch break. Enjoy some competition? Find a local recreational club and join a team such as volleyball or softball. Don’t enjoy sweating? Try water aerobics. There are so many options available for you to try so step out of your comfort zone and find something you enjoy!

#4. “I’m too out of shape” – This one always makes us scratch our heads a bit. When we hear this we tend to ask, “So not starting today, is going to help you get more in shape?” This one is more for people who are afraid of starting and failing, so they choose to never start. We call this rock bottom and rock bottom is the perfect foundation to build a new healthier lifestyle upon. We are not suggesting that you go and run a marathon or sign up for a Crossfit competition but that you take steps daily to work towards the goal of getting back “in shape”.

*Also, what shape is out of shape?*

#5 “I don’t have a gym membership” This one is our favorite! Fitness is not confined to 4 walls in a building that is labeled GYM. Fitness is for everyone and anybody with a body. You do not need a fancy gym, a rack of weights, the latest fitness gadget or any of that craziness. All that you need is that little voice in your head telling you that tomorrow we want to be better than today.

We’ve also created the BEST solution for this excuse in our opinion, CUTLOOSE STUDIO. No more gym membership, no more driving to and from, no more excuses! Sign up, sign in and CRUSH with the CUTLOOSE COMMUNITY all from the comfort of your home.

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