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With a combined 10+ years of personal training and coaching the owners of CUTLOOSE STUDIO have worked with clients of all ages, fitness levels and limitations. Jordan and Emily both embody the CUTLOOSE mentality and possess an “I can do anything” attitude!

Both coaches come with different specialties to be able to deliver you the full package that takes place during a mental, physical and emotional transformation.

Coach Emily specializes in women’s health and helps women find their inner strength to be able to unapologetically show up as their best selves daily.

Coach Jordan specializes in working with clients who struggle with self-doubt by showing them their ultimate potential with his uplifting spirit and encouraging motivation.

Together, this duo is here to help tag-team as they collectively guide you on your health and wellness journey.



The brand CUTLOOSE launched in 2017 when founder Jordan Deane participated in a marathon for a colleague’s daughter who was battling a rare form of pediatric cancer. His mantra became CUTLOOSE & RUN FOR Maren. A mindset that encompasses the belief that we need to let go of everything holding us back and just CUTLOOSE. 

With fundraising efforts and merchandise sales, CUTLOOSE was up and running backed by those who supported the idea, to let go and chase their dreams. 

In 2019, CUTLOOSE had a brand merger when Jordan Deane brought on Emily Rodenbaugh as his right hand in the process of changing lives with the CUTLOOSE mentality. Together, the powerhouse team transformed CUTLOOSE from a mantra and clothing brand into a complete lifestyle. 

In August of 2020, the two launched CUTLOOSE STUDIO as an all-inclusive virtual fitness studio amid the pandemic to give those struggling with their health and wellness the option to continue to chase their goals from the safety and comfort of their homes. This was the birth of a new wave of fitness that none of us could have ever expected. With their loyal group, the CUTLOOSE COMMUNITY which they refer to as GOAL CRUSHERS, Jordan and Emily have changed the fitness game. 

From merchandise sales and community fundraising… to virtual fitness and LIVE in-person events… to partnering with local brewery Von C Brewing to bring a beer to market… and philanthropy efforts for Montgomery County, PA – this dynamic duo clearly cares about the wellbeing of people and pushing them to be their ultimate best. 

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