Corporate Wellness Programs

Employee wellness programs are a great way to encourage your employees to adopt a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.


We understand the importance of workplace wellness and the tremendous impact it can have on employee morale and productivity. 

We offer customized wellness programs that are tailored to your specific business goals and the needs of your employees.

CUTLOOSE STUDIO has partnered with multiple local businesses and Fortune 500 companies to assist in creating a healthier workplace by offering virtual corporate bootcamps and nutrition seminars.

There are many benefits that come from offering a corporate wellness program:

Reduce stress levels

Enhance employee morale

Decrease absenteeism

Boost productivity

Lower healthcare costs

Help employees make healthier lifestyle choices

Help employees develop healthy habits

Improve employee physical & mental wellbeing

Promote creativity & teamwork

Improve employee engagement

Plus, in this competitive job market, offering an employee wellness program can be a differentiator in the marketplace, helping you to attract and retain talent.

Contact CUTLOOSE STUDIO today to discuss how we can create a fun, engaging and transformative wellness program for your business!


Awesome workout! Emily and Jordan are awesome. The classes are so positive and motivating and geared for all ability levels. You’ll get a great workout and have fun doing it!! 10/10 would recommend.

Megan T.

I signed up for my first Cutloose experience with a special boot camp class for 10 weeks and it was the perfect introduction to the studio. I joined the studio for 2021 to commit to multiple classes a week with Emily and Jordan and couldn’t be happier!

Kelsey C.

Emily and Jordan are the best! I hadn’t worked out in ages… when I first started classes I could barely breath. In a few short weeks I noticed a major difference. I feel so good after workouts and overall- better mood, more energy and stronger/more flexible body. The classes are fun and the time flies.

Jessica M.

Absolutely love Cutloose studio! The community is awesome and accepting and the workouts are great. I’ve seen tremendous progress and having everything virtual and easily accessible allows it to fit in my busy schedule! Highly recommend to anyone to join!!

Victoria S.

Your healthier workplace begins here!

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